Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vetericyn- Immediate-Acting, One Step, Animal Wellness Products


We know that you care about your pets and livestock, we care about ours too.  That's why we are excited to offer Vetericyn for the care of your animal's topical wounds and infections.  Vetericyn makes caring for your animals simple and easy.  Just spray Vetericyn on the wound, site of infection or irritation.  Vetericyn is non-toxic and will not sting when applied, plus, there is no rinsing or messy clean-up.

Since Vetericyn contains no steroids or antibiotics,
it's safe for a wide range of animals:

*** Bird, Exotic and Reptile Care
*** Feline Care
*** Canine Care
*** Equine Care
*** Livestock Care

Vetericyn can be used for:

* Cuts
* Ringworm
* Hot Spots
* Eye Infections
* Ear Infections
* Rain Rot
* Skin Rashes
* Skin Ulcers
* Cinch Fungus
* Skin Infections
* Abscess Sites
* Burns
* Post-surgical Sites
* Irritated Skin

Vetericyn is easy to use!!  Simply spray on.

Vetericyn is a family of animal wound and infection care products that are as safe as water and are designed to replicate the actions of the animal’s own immune system to fight infections. Faster healing is achieved when wounds are cleaned and maintained moist. This product has proven facts of non-toxic, broad spectrum antimicrobial in vitro killing bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses including MRSA, E. coli and staph in 30 seconds. Vetericyn is safe enough to use as an eye and ear animal rinse. Our technology is available in products for both animals and humans. Innovacyn's wound and infection products are proudly made in the USA. Over two million human patients have been safely treated by our technology worldwide.

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