Monday, May 2, 2011

Weaver Leather has just launched their exciting new line of livestock grooming liquids and aerosols! Weaver is committed to expanding their livestock division and they have done just that with their new products. They were created by expert chemists for peak performance and their products were formulated with the health and safety of their end users and the animals in mind. These all new formulations are free from cancer-causing methylene chloride, an ingredient already banned in several states, and free from CFC’s that deplete the ozone layer. Weaver is committed to taking a responsible approach to grooming supplies!
The new line of adhesives provides novice, intermediate and experienced fitters a great selection to choose from. With three degrees of adhesive strength, they also do a great job on stiff, fine or unmanageable hair.
Weaver also came up with four great selections of touch up paints for colored cattle. Sometimes it might take more than one of these colors, so it’s highly recommended to practice with the paints at home to figure out the best blend that’s right for your cattle.
ProPink, the original Luster’s Pink Brand Sheen Spray, is the only oil that softens, relaxes and opens the hair while still providing body and volume. This lightweight oil is easy to comb through and works great for clipping or as a final product before entering the show ring!
ProCharge contains an olive oil formula that is so versatile! It works great during the show season as well as daily to replenish and restore the natural beauty of your cattle’s hair coat for the perfect bloom.
ProWash is the recommended foamer for washing animals quickly, easily and effectively. Its versatile design includes both a spray nozzle and an on/off valve that makes it easy for everyone to operate. Cleaning your animal has never been easier with this convenient product!
Try Weaver’s new line of livestock show supplies today and you won’t be disappointed! We will have these products in stock so be sure to stop in to Prairie’s Edge and check them out!!!
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